Rapid Transformational Therapist. Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach. 

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey, if any part of my journey has resonated with you, then I can help.
It maybe that....

  • You love your job but can’t get promoted.
    I can help with your self confidence or self esteem.
  • You have no idea what your life purpose is.
    I can help find what you love.
  • It maybe that you have your business and you love it but you’re not making enough money.
    I can help eliminate any money blocks you may have
  • It maybe that you are self conscious about promoting your business.
    I can help you overcome any fears so marketing is fun and not daunting.
  • It maybe that you care about what people think.
    I can help you not let in other people’s criticisms or beliefs.

I can help you over come your blocks so that you have a Successful Business!

Rapid Transformational Therapy

Rapid Transformation Therapy is a hybrid therapy of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Psychotherapy and Behavioural Therapy created by Marisa Peer who taught and mentors me.


The reason RTT works so well is that you are transforming your beliefs in your subconscious mind, that is the part of your mind that reacts to a situation.  


So when you are stressed you have a cigarette or eat that biscuit, or become overwhelmed or anxious, or scream frantically.  We change that together.

My Methods:

I Hypnotise you using Rapid Transformational Therapy to uncover where your core belief of:

I am not Enough, I am not Loveable or I am not worthy

originates and then during Hypnosis we transform your core belief to 




These changes unlock your money blocks, increases self esteem, increases your self worth, increases your self belief and dramatically changes the way you think so that you are free to build your wealth, build your success, market your business and follow your own glorious path.

My Goals

Transforming your limiting mindset so that you can build an amazingly successful business.  


Transforming your core belief will set you free to have the most amazing, wonderful life.  You will feel lighter, feel freer, feel more in control of your life and your destiny whilst also changing the presenting issue. 


I left the world of law to work with clients and transform their lives in a wonderful, powerful and permanent way.   


I work with clients from all over the world, from all walks of life and with all different issues that sets them free 




We can work one on one or you can join one of my courses.  


Let’s Transform Your Life together!

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“As a lawyer, you were exceptional. You are a wise guide, consummate professional and worthy adversary. Our profession has lost one of our brightest stars with your career change.


Having said that, I can think of no better person to help others reach their truest potential. You have always been honest, forthright and encouraging.


To any potential client of Bron, know she’s the real thing. She’s guided me in difficult times and she’s a truly talented soul.”


Meryl came to see me to give up smoking.


She had just retired from a demanding and stressful job and wanted to enjoy her retirement smoke free.


“Hi Bron. Just got back from OS, sorry I didn’t ring you before I left, but the good news is I haven’t had a cigarette for 31 days and feeling good.


It’s been much easier than I though.


Hope you are well and Thankyou for everything.”


Belinda came to see me as she wanted to start her new business but was really self conscious about promoting herself.


“Bronwyn is an exceptional therapist who helped me overcome my confidence and visibility blocks.


During the session we got to the root cause of what was holding me up from progressing with my projects and discovering this allowed me to be free of it.

It's been 2 weeks and I’m already seeing the results. Bel.”


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19-21 South Steyne
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