I'm Bron, A Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Coach, trained by Marisa Peer and Tony Robbins

When I had a different mindset my business flourished.

Fortunately, it will not take you years to change your mindset, it will take you weeks to change each mindset with the help of Hypnotherapy.  And best of all there aren’t lots of things added to your to do list. 

Change is beautiful when we are growing and blossoming into the most wonderful person we can be. ​

Eliminating all the fears and limitations that we collect during our life that are often not our choice but that have been imparted to us by the people around us who have had a profound influence on our belief system.

Transforming oneself is such an incredibly wonderful gift that we can give ourselves.


So many of us have a belief at our core that:

I Am Not Enough,

I Am Not Loveable or

I Am Not Worthy.


These beliefs appear as an issue in our life such as low self esteem, low self confidence, issues with money, bad relationships, anxiety, anger, infertility, smoking, excess weight, phobias, depression and so many more.


We live with these issues, or worst still we medicate the issues, because we do not know who to go to change our core beliefs.

“As a lawyer, you were exceptional. You are a wise guide, consummate professional and worthy adversary. Our profession has lost one of our brightest stars with your career change.


Having said that, I can think of no better person to help others reach their truest potential. You have always been honest, forthright and encouraging.


To any potential client of Bron, know she’s the real thing. She’s guided me in difficult times and she’s a truly talented soul.”


Meryl came to see me to give up smoking.


She had just retired from a demanding and stressful job and wanted to enjoy her retirement smoke free.


“Hi Bron. Just got back from OS, sorry I didn’t ring you before I left, but the good news is I haven’t had a cigarette for 31 days and feeling good.


It’s been much easier than I though.


Hope you are well and Thankyou for everything.”


Belinda came to see me as she wanted to start her new business but was really self conscious about promoting herself.


“Bronwyn is an exceptional therapist who helped me overcome my confidence and visibility blocks.


During the session we got to the root cause of what was holding me up from progressing with my projects and discovering this allowed me to be free of it.

It's been 2 weeks and I’m already seeing the results. Bel.”


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